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My name is Aleksander. I am an amateur radio enthusiast since mid 2018 where I passed my exam. I live in the northern part of Croatia, where the terrain is very mountainous and from the valleys, you have very bad propagation except for NVIS. That is the reason why I decided to focus my hamradio gear on portable operations. I do a lot of hiking and camping and therefore I really enjoy the combination of my previous interests with hamradio!

I only wish that I did that exam much, much earlier!

Because of my focus on portable operations, my first, and currently only HF capable transceiver, is the Yaesu 817ND. My first antenna was the tri-band capable qrp antenna from QRP Guys, which was bought as a kit and a qrp tuner from QRP Guys, which also came as a kit.

Pretty soon I realized that I really enjoy building my own gear. Soon after I built a 9:1 UnUn for a random wire, which works really well! As time passed by, I realized that a lot of equipment for hamradio is either really expensive or it is not possible to build it without professional tools. For filling that gap I got myself a good and affordable 3d printer.

I also run a Youtube channel but realized that filming my projects and actually building them is quite a hassle. So in the end I decided to create this website to document my DIY projects focusing on hamradio. And filming the gear in the field is for Youtube, so if you are interested in camping, hiking and outdoors in combination with hamradio, I suggest you check out my Youtube channel. The link is in the upper right corner of the website.

Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions about my gear and my projects, drop a comment or contact me via the contact form!


Activating 9A-ZH010

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  1. Hello,
    I found that you are the author of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4250441
    Thank you for the excellent design. Can I ask you to redo 6m_pole_coil_BASE_v2 .stl for the so-239 connector?

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