Building a cheap power supply with 3d printing

It took quite a time to tackle this project again. Since we have a lot of free time now, can’t go anywhere (Corona), I decided to finish this project for good.

13.8V 40A power supply

I needed a power supply that shows me how much juice I am pulling not to overstress the switcher. Since I want to use it to power my future stations all at once, e.g. HF rig and VHF rig.ย  So for that reason I took a Voltmeter with Ampmeter combo. The problem is, you can’t measure high currents without a shunt.ย 

Since I am not really an expert in electronics, it was a bit repelling for me to start building such a project. But actually it is not difficult at all. You just have to follow the schematics. In the end it worked.

I don’t really know what else to write down for this, that ain’t rocket science. So I am going to attach all the parts needed for this.ย 

I want to share another issue with you. During testing the Ampmeter (you’ll have to calibrate it probably), I realized that keying up the radio with a VHF or UHF antenna it starts to falsify the readings on the Amp meter. So for calibrating the Amp meter use another consumer (I used a LED bar to measure and calibrate the Amps).

You can download the STL files for 3d printing here:

Parts required

LCD display with shunt:

Power inlet:

Anderson PowerPole:

LED Switcher 40A version:

Banana plugs:

All together costs only a fraction of a similar professional power supply. If you are on a budget, then this is really a good option to consider!

9A5ALX Aleksander

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