LED switcher as a power supply

Using your radio at home requires a power supply. Since I got my Yaesu 817 I have always used a battery. And since I got my MX amp for the radio, my batteries drain quite fast. I can barely run a day. 

Talking with my ham-friends, one gave me a great idea. Why not use a LED switcher as a power supply? They deliver up to 14V and are available in all kinds of power variations.

12V 40A

I decided to take 40A to have enough juice to power a soon-to-buy VHF station and my soon-to-buy stationary HF rig, simultaneously.

So I ordered:

All together with shipping around 40€. Additionally, I need some Anderson power poles which I already got, some wiring and some PLA filament for my 3d printer. I can surely say that the power supply will cost me less than 50€. Compared to the supplies you can buy online, which are from known manufacturers, you can save a lot. 

13.8V max

Since the Yaesu 817nd can take a wide range of input voltages, I expected to go higher than 14V to get more W out of my amp. But the switcher shuts off at 13.7V at max, which is also good. 

I am a bit concerned about possible QRM on the bands while using the switcher, but my friend assures me there will be none. 

Time will tell. 

The next step is to 3d design the case for the switcher and all the parts. I will keep you posted. 

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